Email migration to Exchange

The existing CSUSB email system (Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server) hardware has reached its end-of-life and needs to be replaced. Maintaining the current email system is not possible given the current budgetary constraints, the high cost of hardware replacement and new software licensing. Therefore, with careful campus consultation the university will migrate to a new email system called Microsoft Exchange.

The campus has maintained two Exchange servers for several years which are now being consolidated into a single enterprise Exchange server. Analysis of costs, configurations, and features of various email systems indicates that migrating to an exchange environment as described above will provide faculty and staff with a fast, feature-rich, cost-effective email solution. The Exchange solution will provide the same functionality as the current email system and in addition it will provide additional services, such as calendar, contacts, and support for mobile devices, while still reducing overall costs. Exchange will also provide aditional security and integration with current systems on campus.

Campus IT staff have successfully tested the email migration procedure and have verified that all the email and folder structure residing on the Sun Java(tm) System can be migrated to the Exchange server with minimal interruption and without loss of data. In addition, procedures have been developed to assist those users who may want to configure their email clients by themselves.

The division of IT has organized a working group composed of representative members of the campus community to construct the migration plan which properly addresses the needs of diverse groups on and off campus. To minimize the impact to the end users in their respective areas, the migration will be done working in close collaboration with local IT staff in each area. The goal is to have all user accounts migrated to the University Exchange server by their IT staff by the end of August 2013 in preparation for the beginning of the Fall 2013 term. However, please note that the CSUSB Sun Java™ email system will continue to be available through December 10, 2013 to meet academic department transitions, if needed.

During this same transition, the campus will move away from MeetingMaker calendaring and utilize the Outlook Calendaring capabilities in Exchange. These migrations will result in a single email and single calendaring system supporting our faculty and staff community for the 2013-2014 academic year and beyond.

In support of this migration, the office of Professional Development will be providing tutorials and resources to train end users in the use of Microsoft Outlook functionality. Departments or individuals without tech support can contact the campus HelpDesk for additional assistance at 909-537-7677.

NOTE: Under NO circumstances will CSUSB ever ask you to send or disclose your authentication credentials by email. If you receive an email requesting this information, it is a phishing attack, DO NOT RESPOND and report the incident to the Information Security Office at