Connecting to eduroam

Benefits of eduroam

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eduroam (education roaming) is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community.

The eduroam network makes it easier for visitors of CSUSB to access the Wi-Fi network.

Similarly, when CSUSB faculty, staff and students travel, they will have hassle free Wi-Fi access at thousands of participating institutions.

For more information visit the eduroam web page.

Instructions: General

For generic instructions on how to configure your Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer for eduroam, see the eduroam User Configuration Guide.

Instructions: California State University, San Bernardino

The eduroam network is a world-wide network. As such, you will need to add to your Coyote ID, even while on campus.

picture of Network Authentication window with magnifying glass on

The first time you connect, you will receive an alert warning about the risk of rogue servers. To protect your Coyote ID and password, your responsibility is to expand the Details of the alert and confirm the Radius Server is If the server is anything other than, choose the Terminate option.

picture of Windows Security Alert window with magnifying glass on Radius Server:

To configure the eduroam network on your device follow the directions for your device below.